About Swimatun

SwimaTun For Lupus emerged out of my personal battle with lupus and my desire to triumph over it. SwimaTun raises awareness about Lupus and eradicates misconceptions surrounding the disease. Through its emphasis on fitness and nutrition, SwimaTun inspires healthy living as a means to wellness concerning all aspects of body, mind, heart, and soul.


Natalie was born in Los Angeles and has been swimming since the age of 12. She has been a member of several Masters Swim Clubs including LMU, El Segundo, Davis Aquatic Masters, and SOBA Hawthorne. When she is not at the pool, and is not flaring, Natalie enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and participating in activities which involve minimal sunlight. Natalie also is pursuing to add to her Masters Degree in Nutrition and fitness to further her education in psychology, philosophical, & and theological studies. Her faith in God, and continual pursuit to study Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Lawrence Kohlberg’s Theory on Moral Reasoning has helped give Natalie resilience in her fight against the incurable disease. She claims she might not have made it thus far had it not been for studying such theories and practicing her Catholic Faith on an ongoing basis.

While she is committed to winning the physical battle against lupus, she is also committed to winning against lupus from a spiritual level. Being that lupus is known with many names, one being ‘the invisible illness”, Natalie has developed a great deal of forbearance toward eradicating faulty belief systems on the disease. Natalie has set out to conquer Lupus for herself and for everyone else.