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October 4, 2021

A Tribute To Coach Steve Hyde

The Beginning (years ago)

I will never forget the time I officially met Coach Steven Hyde first on the phone.  After a series of healthy and friendly exchanges and telling him the tragic story of the diagnosis of severe lupus, he volunteered with open arms (no strings, no reservations) to help the charity in any which way possible.  All I had to do in person later was ONCE –only once– ask if he would be interested to coach the swim workouts, etc. for the upcoming SwimaTun Event Fundraisers.  His answer was a strong, emphatic, and ferocious (after hearing your story) “of course, YES!” Why would I NOT?!?  The man had a good point with reversing that question psychologically and reflects the attitude to emanate with works of charity and helping the disenfranchised (minus the pay).  Soon after sharing this communication exchange, I would learn after that, that his word would always be fulfilled no matter what (except for, mind you, a ferocious stroke) and that his word is always GOLDEN. Again, no strings, no hints, nothing.  This man never even “expected” me to swim for him, ever.

Emerging and Present:

Coach Hyde to this day keeps ALL of his commitments/promises to the charity, no matter what, and this says a lot about this man.  His coaching skills and popularity with the swimmers were so high that SwimaTun kept asking him to come back.  Year after year, his answer was always the same strong, emphatic, and ferocious “of course, YES!” Why would I NOT?!? Coach Hyde’s expert skill in swimming coupled with remarkable focus on others to make the world a better place pays off, and this too shows.  His example without any conditions showed me that I could trust him.   As a result years later, I was finally able to redirect my focus on other essential aspects of the charity’s growth.   Not only this, but our relationship grew only better and better and I soon discovered how his own principles as a veteran swim coach (and human being), aligned well with both the Vision and Mission of SwimaTun.  It goes without saying here that this explained his original and genuine disposition toward the charity from the beginning and that the condition of his amazing heart to serve others is still what is keeping him alive today despite the many adversities, for “the greatest teacher of resilience is adversity” (DC Character The Green Arrow)

Today, The Future, And The Importance of Trust

Steve Hyde has not only helped thousands improve their health with the art and science of swimming and training for triathlons, but he has now additionally helped millions of lupus warriors with no voice.  He shows one of his many strengths of peacemaking and uniting the swim and lupus communities together, the physically healthy and the chronically sick.  Without Steve, many people would never have met and forged the friendships and bonds in the athletic communities while helping the sick, creating a much stronger sense of community.

Today, a new drug specifically for lupus nephritis, Lupkynis (generic: voclosporin) has been approved by the FDA (renal patients only).  While there is a still very long, ponderous, cumbersome, and painful journey we still have to help lupus warriors (paying for medications, food, and doctors bills).  He even shows by example that age is only a number and that you can become a better swimmer regardless of age (swimming the 400 medley at age 62 more recently faster than in the year 1989 at a significantly younger age).

Thank you, Coach/Mr. Steve Hyde for reminding us of the things that truly matter in this lifetime, and the things that really don’t.  Every choice we make now, will matter later.

To know him is one of my greatest pleasures.  And to recognize him is but a great honor.

Hurry back to the pool, Mr. Ferocious.

Respectfully and swimmingly yours,

Natalie and The SwimaTun Committee

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

 Muhammad Ali

Importance of Fostering Genuine Relationships